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Ages 9-17

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€3450 (2 weeks)

€4850 (3 weeks)

€6290 (4 weeks)

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Since 1975, Ceran, one of the world’s leading educational institutions, has achieved success through its educational method, which is based on practice and communication in the target language. The aim is to ensure that students speak the foreign language at all times outside of class, thereby improving their real communication skills and putting what they have learned into practice. The combination of this system known as “Full Immersion” and the Ceran QRI® method leads to significant progress in the target language in a very short period.

Ceran offers French, English, and German summer schools for students aged 9-17 at its St. Roch center in Belgium. Students learning in different languages use different parts of the campus.

Important Note: Students participating in this program should be aware that they will receive serious language education in a highly disciplined environment.


The main goal of the program is to increase speaking confidence and promote language development. Shortly after registration, students take an online test, and on the first day of school, they undergo an oral test to determine their levels and be placed in appropriate classes.

Intensive French lessons are provided with 28 hours of instruction per week. In a highly disciplined environment, students are encouraged to speak French during post-class activities.

At the end of the program, each student receives a detailed report containing personalized recommendations that will be useful for their ongoing language education.

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Rooms are single occupancy. Showers and toilets are shared on each floor and are provided in sufficient quantities. Accommodation is on a full board basis.


After weekday classes, various sports and artistic activities are organized to allow students to have fun and practice French.

Students choose from four modules:

  • Sports: Tennis, basketball, athletics, etc.
  • Arts: Painting, photography, music, etc.
  • Well-being: Yoga, hiking, pilates, etc.
  • Double module: A combination of two of the above modules.

Additionally, to encourage speaking in French, students participate in “Free Expression” hours where they engage in activities such as debates, improvisation, and word games. Attendance in these hours is not mandatory, and students can choose to continue with the activities from their selected modules.

Full-day trips are organized on Wednesdays and weekends, including visits to museums, a chocolate factory, an amusement park, shopping trips, and visits to cities such as Liège, Brussels, Bruges, Luxembourg, and more.

Airport Transfer

The school provides airport transfer services for an additional fee.

General Info

General Info
St. Roch, Ferrières, Belgium
CERAN Academy
Age Group:
Up to 9 students
28 lessons per week + French-speaking condition-based activities
On campus, full board
Sports and artistic activities, excursions
The program will be held from June 23 to August 24, 2024.
Arrivals are on every Sunday, and departures are on every Saturday.
Private Lesson:
€150/2 lessons
Golf/Tennis/Horse Riding:
Extra Night:
Registration Fee:
Deferred Insurance:
The school does not provide health insurance.
€125/one way (Brussels and Charleroi Airports)
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